Step - 1 Brain Reset


In this Quest, you'll optimize your brain programming to lay fertile ground for growing into an extraordinary leader. Leadership begins with mastering the ability to lead oneself. Brain programming plays an enormous and critical part in this mastery.

In this quest you will learn:

  • What you're limiting beliefs are and how you're sabotaging yourself
  • The Three Laws of the Automatic Mind, and how to leverage them in your favor
  • How to create your own, unique powerful tool to reprogram your mind based on your individual needs and desires
  • Tools and techniques for strengthening your resiliency to setbacks
  • And much more!

Participants are encouraged to complete one mission per day. Missions take about 10-15 minutes on average to complete (some shorter, some longer). By completing 4-5 missions a week, participants will complete this quest in about 6-7 weeks. Valerie and her highly qualified coaches are quest mentors, and participants enjoy support from a community of other participants.

This quest is based upon Valerie's book, Polish Your Star - Three Minute Daily Lessons to Become an Extraordinary Leader.

The Author of Polish Your Star, and creator of the GEMS model of transformational leadership Valerie is America's premier expert on creating extraordinary leaders no matter where they are in life.

She rose from a disadvantaged background to leading thousands of people around the world accomplishing amazing things.

She is passionate about helping people learn, grow, and achieve great things in life. In doing so, they become inspiring role models for others to follow.

Her goal is to help you achieve your dreams while encouraging you to boldly go forth and lead. She invites you to join her Authentic Leadership movement and make a positive impact.

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